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Re-key a Kwikset Smartkey lock in less than 3 minutes
Last Updated: 01/09/2019
How Do I Re-Key My SmartKey Lock?

The answer is simple! In the video below you can learn how to re-key any Kwikset Smartkey keylock, or deadbolt in less than 3
minutes (I bet you may even figure it out before the video ends). The process is also laid out step-by-step down below video.

    1. Make sure the door is wide open and the knob, lever or deadbolt is in the locked position. (Make sure that the door doesn't close in the process or make sure you have access to another point of entry to avoid being locked out.)
    2. Insert the key that currently operates the lock, and rotate it clockwise 90 degrees. (Do not take the key out yet)
    3. Insert the SmartKey rekey tool into the SmartKey hole. (Sometimes you may feel or hear a click letting you know that you're doing great!)
    4. Remove the SmartKey tool and then the (now old) key. (Do not move the key back to the normal position. Leave it in the 90 degree position when taking it out)
    5. Insert the new key, and make sure that it is FULLY inserted. Without pushing or pulling the key in or out of the lock you may now turn the key counter-clockwise 180 degrees.
    That's all it takes! Now you just need to test it.

    To test your new key just turn it clockwise again 180 degrees and pull the key to make sure it doesn't come out. Just a light tug will do. If the key comes out then visit our other article about recovering a mis-programmed SmartKey lock. Otherwise, just rotate the key 90 degrees back to the starting position and pull it out.

    But what do I do with my old key?

    You can simply throw it in the trash along with any other copies. You could also save it for any future use if ever wanted to re-key your locks again, but it's always recommended to get a new set since it's possible that any copies could get away from you into the wrong hands.

    Stay safe, and stay smart!

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