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How to Recover a miss-programmed Kwikset Smartkey lock
Last Updated: 01/09/2019
So you followed all the steps in the re-keying, but now none of your keys work! What good it that?!

No worries, this video that we attached below should get your lock fixed up right away, or you can read through the process below the video. Remember, these steps can be performed on any SmartKey lock.

Misprogramming is when a SmartKey lock will not function on any key after the re-key process has been completed. It's inconvenient, i know, but how does it even happen? After all, It's supposed to be a "Smart" lock right? Yes, it's a very smart lock, and it's key memory is great, so what we found that happens fairly often is that is memorizes only a portion of the key instead the entire length.


In the last step of the re-keying process we emphasize how important it is not to push or pull on the key as you turn it counter-clockwise 180 degrees. Well we're all busy folks, so we need get this lock re-keyed, and move on as quick as possible. What tends to happen during this last step is the key might have been pushed to hard or pulled out just enough for it to memorize the wrong portion of the key. During the testing process it may seem as though it doesn't work on any key.

Alright, so here's the fix.

We established how this happens, and now know that it is keyed to only a portion of the key. The trick is to find the portion of the key that operates the lock, and begin the re-key process again in order to re-key it to the entire key.

The best method in finding that portion of the key is to continue using the last key that was used during the re-keying process. Insert the key into the lock and begin to pull the key out less than a millimeter at a time while trying to turn the key to the right. Placing your thumb right up against the face of the cylinder can help control how much of the key you pull out at a time. If they key comes out more than half way then try again. You can can also try to push the key in further while try to turn it to the right. This may take a few tries so your patience may be tested just a bit, but once you get it you can start the re-keying process all over again.

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